Acne scarring

Types Of Acne Acne Scarring

Macular Scars

Appear on the site of the acne as darker patches

Box Scars

Look similar to chicken pox scars, these acne scars are round with steep side

Rolling Scars

Caused by damage to the dermis, these acne scars are wide.

Ice Pick Scars

These types are very narrow and deep. They can be large, resembling open pores

When your acne is inflamed (with the P.acne bacteria), it tends to burrow down into the dermis, causing inflammation – a situation whereby your body “fights back.” In the process, the collagen and the fat stored under the skin are affected, causing visible scars on the surface of the epidermis (skin’s surface.)

There are various types of acne scars: ice pick, box, macular, and rolling.

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