Dermapen™ is engineered to support the creation of collagen and elastin in the skin dermis, making the skin tighter, firmer, and suppler. This pen will also reduce wrinkles, refine pores, and make your skin brighter without any side effects.

With pinpoint precision, you can quickly treat your hands, chest, eye area, lip area, and face, promoting rapid firm, lift, and tone.

In fact, after a session, you won’t believe the incredible result you’ll get.

For all deep, atrophic scars: striae and post-acne scars, stretch marks, burn contracture, surgical scars, and more – Dermapen 4 is the only micro needling crafted with the scar setting you need.

AOVN technology automatically calibrates the motor speed, pressure, and penetration for targeted precision. Which means no matter your skin type, you can always get the best from our Dermapen.

You can efficiently use our Dermapen to fade stretch marks, both new and old ones, and can finally be free from the frustrating acne scars. Most patients and practitioners found Dermapen to be three times better than laser treatments.

Unlike some laser treatments, Dermapen is found to be effective in treating Hypopigmentation treatments. Clinically, Dermapen works best on reversing the production of Melasma and hyperpigmentation. What’s more: Dermapen is suitable for all Fitzpatrick Skin Types and Ethnicities.

Do you have fine lines, wrinkles, or crow’s feet? The Dermapen is designed for you. From just 2 treatments, your aging signs will fade off quickly. After your “Dermapen Series,” you’ll get to look younger and more beautiful again.

Stretch marks can result from a lot of things: exercise and muscle building, pregnancy, losing weight, gaining rapid weight, genetic predisposition, childhood growth spurts, and more.

By using Microneedle, it will promote skin’s regeneration around the marks, fading the contours on your skin’s surface.

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