Skin Cosmedics is established to provide premium and medically-approved skincare to all clients…at a competitive price. We have cutting-edge technology plus in-house professionals that are trained in ALL areas of skincare.

Why choose us

  • State-of-the-art Customer care Service
  • Fully trained in-house skincare professionals
  • Tailor-made medically-approved treatments for your skin
  • FREE, no obligation consultation

Aisha Iman

Director of Skin Cosmedics & Clinic Manager

Aisha Iman
Director of Skin Cosmedics & Clinic Manager

Aisha is a fully trained aesthetic practitioner and clinical manager who boast of over seven years of experience working for some leading giant skincare clinics in Great Manchester and West Midland.

Trained in a vast range of skin treatments, including laser hair removal, advanced chemical peels for acne and hyperpigmentation, Onychomycosis (fungal infection), anti-aging, and laser tattoo removal, Aisha has worked with top-notch doctors and nurses in the country.

Aisha is known for delivering and offering the best skincare treatment needed by her clients. Her dedication, passion, and hard work made her establish Skin Cosmedics.